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Our estate planning attorneys have years of experience counseling clients in this area of the law, as well as preparing the legal documents that fit your individual needs.

Power of Attorney

If you want to make certain that your estate is passed down to the people of your choosing, one of our experienced attorneys can assist you in providing advice, guidance, and preparation of your estate planning documents including a Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Statutory Power of Attorney (for your financial affairs) and Living Will.

Our skilled and experienced attorneys understand estate planning law and will give you advice to assist you in determining exactly how your estate should be handled. 

After consulting with one of our estate planning attorneys, you will have greater peace of mind knowing you are a few steps away from having all of your estate planning affairs in order.

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A Will is a legal document that details specific instructions for passing down your money and property after you pass away. It is vital to have a valid Will in place prior to your death so that your family members do not experience added stress after you are gone. By working with one of our skilled and experienced estate planning attorneys, you will be able to ensure that handling your estate and fulfilling your wishes are easier for those that you leave behind.

What is a Power of Attorney?

There are different variations of Powers of Attorney, but the most common are Medical Powers of Attorney and Statutory Powers of Attorney. These documents allow you to designate a person or persons as your ‘agent’ to make medical and financial decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated or unable to make those decisions for yourself. These easy and cost-efficient documents can save your loved ones thousands of dollars by preventing the need for a guardianship.

What is the difference between a Medical Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney?

While both of these documents allow a person to step into the shoes of another in order to make decisions, the decisions allowed vary between the two documents.

  • Medical Power of Attorney

    A medical power of attorney allows a person to designate an agent to make medical decisions for them in the event they become incapacitated or unable to make decisions for themselves. At that point, the agent steps into the shoes of that person and can make any and all decisions that the individual could have made if they had the capacity to do so.

    Having a medical power of attorney can save your loved ones thousands of dollars and unnecessary stress.

    Without a medical power of attorney, your loved ones (including your spouse, parents, and children) will have to go to court to seek a guardianship in order to legally make medical decisions for you.

  • Durable Power of Attorney

    A durable power of attorney allows a designated agent to step in and make financial decisions for someone else. They can either begin upon execution, or they can “spring to life” upon incapacity.

    Examples of decisions that can be made with a durable power of attorney include real property transactions, personal property transactions, stocks and bond transactions, banking and other financial institution transactions, business operating transactions, insurance, and annuity transactions, estate, trust, and other beneficiary transactions, claims and litigation, personal and family maintenance, retirement plan transactions, tax matters, and more.


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