If a loved one has passed away, it is important to consult with an experienced probate attorney to learn your rights and what steps need to be taken to probate the estate.

During the probate process, a person’s estate is distributed to rightful heirs or beneficiaries. Debts of the estate are also handled through the probate process.

Seeking the advice of an experienced probate attorney as early as possible after a loved one’s death is important in ensuring matters are handled legally and estate assets are protected. Our probate attorneys have years of experience probating estates with a Will and without, as well as handling Will contests.

Probate Attorney

If a Will was prepared prior to death, there are several legal avenues that can be utilized to efficiently probate an estate, but it is important to consult with a probate attorney to find out which option applies to your particular situation.

If you are dealing with a situation where a loved one has passed away and did not leave a valid Will, obtaining the advice of a probate attorney is critically important to ensuring the estate – including property, money, and belongings – is legally transferred to the rightful heirs.

In some instances, it may be necessary to question the validity of a Will. If you believe a Will may be invalid due to the testator not having the mental capacity to execute the Will, or that the testator was unduly influenced into signing a Will, seek the advice of a probate attorney early on, as time is of the essence in instituting these contests. Our team of experienced probate attorney have handled numerous Will contests from both sides and can guide you through this process.

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