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If you need a probate attorney to help you handle a loved one’s estate after they have passed away, contact Spurlock & Associates, P.C.

Losing a loved one is an emotionally taxing ordeal. You should not need to take on any more stress by handling the task of estate administration yourself. Our experienced probate attorneys can help you navigate the process.

The probate process entails transferring the estate assets—the property of the deceased—to the rightful beneficiaries of an estate, otherwise known as heirs.

During this court-supervised process, a probate attorney will help you prepare all documents required by Texas state laws. The lawyer will file necessary pleadings to admit the will and help you handle any outstanding debts.

Ultimately, the goal of our probate lawyers at Spurlock & Associates, P.C., is to help the client transfer the probate assets to the heirs as smoothly as possible.

After your loved one has passed away, you should consult our probate attorneys as soon as possible to learn what you need to do next as well as get a better understanding of your rights, responsibilities, and reasons for probating the estate.

Reasons to Hire a Probate Attorney

Hiring a probate attorney early on will help you protect estate assets, especially in the face of will contests or the complete absence of a will.If the individual died without a will, the probate court will appoint an estate administrator to administer the probate assets. To become an estate administrator, you must file a petition in the probate court of the county where the deceased lived. Our probate lawyers can help you with this process.

If you believe that you have a reason to contest a will, our attorneys can walk you through the process and guide you in the right direction.

Overall, the primary areas of probate law include:Probate Attorney: Last Will & Testament

  • Independent Administration
  • Dependent Administration
  • Heirship Proceeding
  • Muniment of Title
  • Small Estates
  • Affidavit of Heirship
  • Estate Planning & Wills

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Probate Attorney

No matter which role you play in the probate process—executor, administrator, or heir—you likely have many questions and concerns about how to carry out your responsibilities. Having a personal legal representative by your side from beginning to end will provide you with the reassurance and support you need.
  • Draft a Will

    It is possible to write a will on your own, but if any mistakes are made, problems may arise for your heirs later on.

    Having a probate lawyer draft your will helps ensure that your heirs have an easier time managing and carrying out your wishes after your passing.

  • Protect the Estate

    Oftentimes, at least one person tries to make a legal claim against the estate after a loved one’s death because they believe they should receive more of the inheritance.

    You will need the help of an experienced probate attorney to fight these claims, as well as protect your loved one’s assets and final wishes.

  • Speed Up the Probate Process

    Depending on the complexity of the will, the process may take a long time to complete—especially if you are navigating this unfamiliar situation on your own.

    Because our lawyers understand the procedures of probate inside and out, we can file the required documents correctly to prevent rejections, avoid delays from third parties like banks, and quickly resolve legal matters that may arise.

  • Minimize Family Conflict

    Dividing up an estate often creates tension among family members and other beneficiaries of the estate because they tend to disagree on how to approach probate issues.

    The professionalism and expertise of a probate attorney can help keep situations from escalating into lawsuits.

  • Properly Handle Outstanding Debts, Bills, and Taxes

    Taking care of the deceased’s financial matters can be tricky, but a probate lawyer can help you make all of the necessary payments without error.

    Having an experienced attorney at the helm can prevent you from over- or underpaying.

Areas of Probate


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