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Whether you are dealing with the prospect of a child support battle or you are planning a more collaborative approach to resolving child support issues, you’ve come to the right place.

Any time parents separate or divorce, it is important to obtain a child support order that sets out the specific amount of child support and medical support the non-custodial parent is obligated to pay.

Child support in Texas is determined by a percentage of the net income of the obligated parent.

Child SupportChild support can be modified if you believe there has been a substantial change in income, whether it has increased or decreased.

Many of our clients require help obtaining child support payments- If you are in this situation, contact us for a consultation.

We know how to utilize legal means in order to enforce current child support orders. We also help to defend those who are facing legal consequences related to child support orders.

Whether you or the obligor or obligee we will be there for you to assure you are paying or receiving the correct amount of support for you and your children.

Our team has over 20 years of experience establishing new child support orders and modifying existing orders after a substantial change in income.

If you have a current child support order, but the obligor is failing or refusing to pay the ordered amount, our experienced child support attorneys are happy to help you navigate through the process of enforcing that order and holding the obligor in contempt of court.

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Ease The Stress with An Experienced Child Support Lawyer

Family law issues are often very emotional and difficult for all participants.

In particular, child support issues may leave parents in adversarial positions which are very unpleasant. Our goal is to give you the support that you need, so the pressure is taken off of your shoulders.

First, we will discuss your situation with you. Then, we will devise a strategy that will boost your chances of legal victory. You can rest assured that our law firm has all of the experience and support you need.

The sooner you get excellent legal representation, the better. It is easier on children when parents work things out as quickly as possible. All caring parents want to minimize stress on their children during separation, divorce, or other life changes that necessitate decisions about child support.

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