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As a personal injury attorney, it is our job to care for those who have been injured in accidents due to the fault of others.

Struggling with the process of a personal injury claim can be overwhelming when you are involved in an accident or suffered personal injuries from an accident or an intentional act. If you have been injured in an automobile accident or injured due to the negligence of another, it is important to quickly seek legal advice on the process.

The insurance adjusters are not your friend and notoriously provide misleading information to people who have been injured. Their job is to protect the insurance company – not you.

The attorneys at Spurlock & Associates, P.C. can help ease your frustrations through our years of experience helping clients through this process.

Personal Injury Attorney in HumbleIt is important to hire a personal injury attorney familiar with the process, the insurance companies, the Courts, and the defense attorneys to maximize your recovery.

Kim Spurlock is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has successfully litigated thousands of personal injury cases on behalf of her injured clients.

Kim and her team understand that compensation cannot take away the pain, but it can certainly reduce the amount of financial harm done due to loss of income or exorbitant medical bills.

Whether you have suffered personal injury from a car accident, 18-wheeler accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or workplace injury, our team can provide you with guidance and strategy to obtain the best settlement for your situation.


Johnathan Mancillas v. Concepcion Segura-Aguilar
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Andres Villazana v. Discount Tire Company of Texas Inc. and Tracy A. Buckles, No. 2013-67851
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Jennifer Copeland v. State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas, No. 2014-56250
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Damien Barefield v. City of Houston, No. 2013-52103
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Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

When you leave for work in the morning or go to the grocery store, you expect to return home in the same health and condition in which you left.

Unfortunately, each day hundreds of people are injured due a to motor vehicle accident that could have been avoided if a negligent party was paying attention.

Negligence is when someone acts without regard for the safety of another. Most accidents happen because of negligence: car accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, and more. These happen when someone is not paying attention, whether intentional or not.

When accidents occur because of negligence, the injured party is entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim to cover the cost of accident-related expenses: hospital bills, loss of income, and damages to vehicles, homes, or personal items.

You should consult a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible whenever you have injuries due to an accident.

A skilled and experienced personal injury attorney will work to prove your case and fight on your behalf.

A personal injury attorney will know how to speak to witnesses and collect documentation, photos, and other items to prove that your injury was caused by their negligence.

The attorneys at Spurlock & Associates, P.C. have handled thousands of personal injury cases and can assist you in determining whether you are entitled to compensation for injuries incurred through the negligence of others.

Choosing The Right Representation

Personal Injury Attorney Humble, TX

  • The personal injury attorney for you is not necessarily the same one who represented your friend or family member. Follow these steps to make sure you have found the right attorney for you. Make sure the attorney you choose is well established as a personal injury attorney. They should have trial experience, negotiation experience, an in-depth understanding of medical practices and diagnoses associated with personal injury, and significant experience with negligence laws.
  • The personal injury attorney you choose should practice in your state and be familiar with the laws in your area. Be sure their area of focus is personal injury law. Just like you would not choose a cardiologist for a knee injury, make sure your attorney has personal injury trial experience, as well as a winning record.
    Check the record and reputation of the attorney you are choosing with state and local bar associations and online reviews.
  • Ask questions! When you meet the attorney of your choice for your initial consultation, they should be prepared to ask you many questions about your case and answer as many questions as you have about their experience. You should feel comfortable talking about any aspect of your situation with this attorney.
  • Have a full understanding of the intended strategy and the fees involved to bring your case to court and conclusion.

When you choose a personal injury attorney, you are choosing someone who is representing you. Make sure you are comfortable with this individual and know their intended strategy.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Represent

Personal injuries occur in any number of ways, but vehicle accidents, equipment malfunction, product defects, and negligent conduct are the most common.

People who hire a personal injury attorney typically have injuries that are painful, serious, and life-changing. They may not be able to fully re-engage in their lifestyle or even ever work again.

The attorneys at Spurlock & Associates, P.C. have years of experience litigating personal injury matters including:

  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Explosions
  • Car Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Truck Accidents/18-Wheeler
  • Wrongful Death
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Uninsured Motorist claims
  • Workplace Accidents 

If you have suffered an injury, including spinal cord injuries, burns, brain injuries, organ damage, multiple broken bones, loss of limbs, or a loved one was killed, contact our law office today.

Expert Legal Counsel from a Personal Injury Attorney

Accident Lawyer in Humble, TX

Accidents can happen anytime. Personal injury is a serious matter. In some cases, injuries from accidents may cause long-term disability and/or health problems. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or a company, it is possible to pursue them for damages.

These damages are a cash award which may be utilized in order to cover accident-related costs, such as medical expenses and physical therapy. It is also possible to recover damages in order to cover the cost of living, particularly if you have been unable to work due to your injuries.

A good personal injury attorney will be able to offer you realistic advice about the value of your case and create the best strategy for maximum results. Contact us today for more information.

Areas of Personal Injury


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At our first consultation, we will discuss the details of your situation, let you know if and how we can help, and make sure we are comfortable working with one another. We provide legal counsel and support to get you through a difficult time.

Our team of professionals will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries, lost wages, pain, medical expenses, and other losses you have suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Contact us today for a free consultation. We respect your privacy and all discussion remains confidential.

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